My YouTube-Channel is up and running !

Take a close look -

Topics covered are:
Analog- and Digital Photography, Composition and many more...
Behind the Scenes & Model-Shoots are in preparation.

A new video every Monday !

Looking forward to your likes, comments and subscriptions on YouTube !!

Hello again ;-) !!
I am a fulltime professional photographer from Austria working international.
I shoot commercial, lingerie and artistic nude as well as fashion, editorial, portraits and people.
I am easy going during the shootings and troughout the whole process of production and very experienced.
Thank you for showing interest in my profile here on Model-Kartei!

If you are interested in shooting with me don't hesitate to contact me here or on office@kubiza.at !

For newcomers and people generally interested in modelling work i offer dedicated personal coachings and long term mentoring.

PLEASE VISIT MY INSTAGRAM - http://www.instagram.com/kubiza.at/ !!
„Fähigkeiten entstehen, indem man anderen nützt.“   

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Jen Fong Photography (NY) (Fotoassistent), SWTV (Lehrtätigkeit), ATV (als Darsteller),...uvm.
paid tests (sedcard etc.) from 350.-/550.-
assignements worldwide from 250.-/h
dedicated personal coaching and mentoring based upon fixed rates and in detail up to agreement.


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